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I have a hand full of current tv shows that I watch and some that I grew up watching.  Some are on DVD, (yes I still have and use them.) and some I stream.  I binge watch some of the newer ones available on Netflix with some old shows on HULU  and some I just play in the DVD  in the background while I’m working on the computer while doing other things. With the older/classic ones I can do that. I’ve  seen them so many times that I really don’t have to pay attention. I know the plot, even some of the lines, of  that particular episode by heart. The voices of the characters uttering the same line for what seems like the millionth time seems comforting. And brings back memories of my youth and growing up in a happily dysfunctional home.

One of my favorites is NCIS. I made the title theme a ringtone for a short period of time. The other one was the twilight zone for my x. That one stayed in use longer. They all bring back memories of one type or the others.

What really brings back memories is the starting theme from M*A*S*H, the tv show. I can name that tv show tune in 2 bars. Other shows like 2.5 men the same. Catchy and hard to get out of your head. A whole 3 words. Someone was sucked out of all there creative energy coming up with that one. Charlie reminds me of my uncle and some things he did and the way he carries himself . The theme from Cheers reminds me of middle school. I hated middle school. I couldn’t wait till it was over. Bewitched……The monkies……The Twilight ZoNE…….all memorable show into themes.

Now, not so much. over the years show intros have seemed to lessen or just non existent. I’ve seen intros of only a few seconds. I like Madam Secretary. Its does not have an intro. They use a “cold open”. Its  More like an after thought-about 10 minutes into the show it’s just a title card and 5 seconds of music. Possibly it will be the norm. I feel reason Is  In order to save time for more commercials, an artistic effect and possibly to add more content. Or some combination of all three reasons.

I really dislike it. No one in charge is going to ask my opinion. Not that they really care.  I’m definitely not in the current demographic most tv shows are shooting for and I’m pretty sure my viewing habits are of no interest to the media production companies which produce tv content.  I don’t really believe its going to get any better.

Yes, I know, there are some exceptions for some shows which have full intro themes.  Like the Big Bang Theory. The opening theme is catchy but I am not a fan of the show. I don’t make it past that. The new MacGyver is ok. Just an updated version I guess.

I think of how some young child growing up in this day and age of cord cutting and digital delivery, will not have a flashback of there childhood when someone mentions an old color original Netflix series in 6k from way back in the early 2000’s  and not quite remember it because there was no show intro theme to spark that memory.  I guess for this new generation the flashback  will be triggered by the sound bytes from call of duty and there favorite v blog on youtube. They don’t know what they are missing.

I’m sitting here writing this as I hum the tune to the a team.

Zune has flatlined……

So, after many years of use and storing and organizing my music and managing my podcasts on my pic,Zune is finally dead. It was Microsoft’s failed attempt to be like Apples’ iTunes. But it served me well for many years.   

More the pc program than the actual player. They stopped updating the player Zune HD several years ago.  The of program was working great for me until now. They essentially pulled the power cord on the servers  managing it earlier this month and all I get is an error when I try to open the program. It was like a favorite t shirt or that special pot to make your award winning chicken soup. It worked great for what I needed it for. It was perfectly comfortable to use. 

All good things must come to an end I guess. 

Time to move on……


Now I need to find a replacement…….

Well, it’s over. Those Saturday morning cartoons us older  mature folks grew up with is over. Engadget reports that The CW has aired the last of Saturday morning cartoon programming. Memories of waking up early to watch scooby doo and Bugs and friends come to mind. Sitting in front of a 20 inch tv the size of a small tank with a big bowl of Sugar Corn Pops while my mom tells me to move back or I will need glasses. Ahhh the childhood memories……


National Coffee Day……

Well, I seemed to have missed another good, but unknown national something day. National coffee day. WP_20140929_21_22_14_Pro

That hot black liquid which helps get my day rolling. It helps me start my workday with energy and relax while reading the news on my tablet on my day off.

I am still amazed at how the people on the other side of the counter react when you order something without any sugar. The shock and amazement on their face is almost comical.

I like coffee. I love coffee. Regular hot coffee, iced coffee and especially espresso. But 99.99999 percent of the time I do not add anything to my coffee . Especially sugar. Pull into a fast food place for a cuppa. I ask for large coffee, black, no sugar. It’s a terrible feeling when your’e down the road and take a sip and it has been loaded down with that liquid sugar crap. About as sweet as a birthday cake. And the people behind the counter insist on putting sugar and cream and, because I suppose, in their mind, I must be having a stroke, and misspeaking about the no sugar or cream. Some even try to correct me. “No, NO SUGAR or cream.” “Are you sure no sugar or cream in your ice coffee? No sugar or cream?” “Yes, i am. Thanks.” All this time during the interrogation thinking about telling them “IT”S NOT FOR YOU! JUST SERVE IT TO ME THE WAY I ASKED YOU TO MAKE IT!”

But, I try not to piss off people before they hand me my food.

People have been so conditioned to add sugar to everything that they automatically assume that you want sugar in your coffee. No cream is ok, but sugar is a must have. I do firmly believe that is has been conditioned into us. Don’t get me wrong. I love sugar. I love it in cheesecake, ice cream, and a little in your spaghetti sauce does not hurt either. But everything in moderation.

I have noticed that over the years, especially the last five, that my body reacts strangely when I eat sugar or foods that have sugar. I affects my mood, how I feel, act and think. It even affects my sleep.

It is difficult to reduce sugar intake. But I feel so much better for doing it. And after a while, when the slice of cheesecake is calling and I do have a “hit” of it, my body instantly changes. I can feel it.

I am done with…….

I am done with watching any type of news on TV, cable, satellite ect.

I will resign myself to just getting my news online or a newspaper or magazine. The tv news is just boring me to death. The same old thing hyped up in a different way depending on who is doing the reporting. and the main news is only the first seven or eight minutes then commercials, weather and then just a bunch of other stories of assorted cra….check that…..stuff. The national news is about the same.

I know I will not be missing much. I sat down recently and with the help of the internet and started reading some front pages of news papers from way back. I am talking about 1920’s way back. If you really read it and get down to it, the stories from back then are not much different from what they are now. The names and faces change but the issues are still about the same. 

Watching the news on tv was half an hour to an hour of my life I would have never gotten back. I’ll put that time to some better use now


It’s official ………..

This second day of the year I am finally getting to the blog(s) again. After a year of some serious personal storms, eh; check that, friggin’ hurricanes, I have made some serious decisions of the direction in my life.One of which is to resume my blog and start some new ones. 

Yesterday I started some other blogs and even purchased some domains to set up some websites in the very near future. I wanted to actually write stuff down, and to have it permanently somewhere. Some electrons on some far away servers with my name on it. I am sure it will be there for ever. Or, at least in about a year, so I can review it. That should make for  some interesting reading.

I was out to work today, with the traffic being very light. I suppose with school being out, and quite a few still on vacation it should stay this way for the next couple of days. Looking around It was as if someone  turned off, like a switch, everything related to Christmas and new years. Poof! All gone. Almost all gone. Only the pole decorations at some of the malls and shopping centers are still up. They should be down by Friday. But just another day in paradise. I got out of my truck and what do I hear, serious honking. Looking around, I saw what appeared to be 4 cars fighting for a parking spot up front. All I could so was laugh comment to another guy in the parking lot, about how quickly we humans forget the spirit of the holidays and the meaning of a new year.

Funny how some things never change.

Upward and onward. 



I seems like forever and a day since my last post. With lots of stuff going on in the last six (or is it seven?) months I really have not had the focus to post anything. But in the last two months It has been bouncing around my brain to start posting again. But, alas, other things always jump to the top of the list.

But this afternoon I just realized that it’s June! I figured this out because I was at my daughter’s awards dinner this evening. The school year is over. Summer is here, it’s hot as hell outside, football season is only two months away and the only two shows I watch on tv are off on summer break. That, and it just so happened that Windows 8 just added a WordPress app I just had to try out……so ta-da.  A post appears.

While sitting at the table waiting for the festivities to start, I was playing word search on my phone. All the time watching my teenage daughter out of the corner of my eye yapping with her friends. She caught me glancing at her and walks over and sits down next to me. I look at her and I see that “Dear old dad. I feel sorry for you sitting here, alone, playing your word search game, so I came to keep you company, but I would rather be with my friends, waaaayyyy over there, away from you.” look in her face. “Why don’t you go sit with your friends?” I said. “But your waaayyy over here alone. I don’t want you to be alone.” HAH! I knew it! “Thank you, but It’s OK. Go sit with your friends. I understand.” The Dad smiles.

Proud Dad! Two awards this evening. Wow she was busy this year. Really? She took cross country? When was that? Oh, yeah she did.

That’s why I play word search. To keep me sharp as a a a …….tack.

The proud dad is not happy. Damn! No pix. My phone is dead. Friggin’ word search!

Wow! It’s over…

Wow! It’s over. Christmas 2011 is done and the end of the year is a few days away. Where in the hell did the year go? I didn’t believe it when my grandparents told me that time goes by faster as you get older. I did’nt believe it when my parents told me that time goes by faster as you get older. Holy crap! They were right. But I have no idea where all the time went. I know I am not lossing it so to speak. I can remember more or less when I did something or something happened. I am just shocked when I realize just how  much time has actually passed since it happened to how long ago it seems.

Before writing this I was sitting here surfing, when my calendar started to chirp and alerted me that my license plate needs to be renewed in a few months. I think to myself, ok, cool, insurance is up to date and I considered renewing early just to get the inevitable out of the way. Then I realized that in a few months it will be my birthday. Again. Really?  That last one I had wasn’t that long ago. I begin to go over the events from this past year and all I can do is shake my head in total amazement. As a kid it seemed like forever and a day, to get from the start of school, in early August, to Christmas break.. Now, all I do is grab drink from the kitchen in  August, sit down to check my emails and *poof*, it is the end of December.

I still have so much to do, so much to accomplish and time is just zipping by.

I just realized I’ll be 45 in a few months.

Just Amazing. 

The lifespan of leftovers…….


I went to mom’s house for Christmas eve dinner and brought back tons of leftovers. Pork. rolls,rice, beans and an assortment of other goodies. And a simply awesome garlic mojito sauce that I just can’t get enough of. I’ll be grazing on this for two days.

Today, Christmas day, for lunch  I have had another full meal; a little of everything. Later it was pork sandwiches with cooked onions soaked with the mojito sauce. Then another full meal this evening.  All this is great, but too much of a great thing is not good either.  I am already having happy thoughts of pizza, gator burgers and grilled salmon.

I have returned, over the years, to family, friends and neighbors’ houses the day after a party in order to help clean up the leftovers and a few times for lunch, the next day after that. On the second day, however, instead of pork and rice it morphs into pork hash and a salad with bean soup; still pretty good. Some foods just taste better the next day. The flavors have had a chance to meld and make your tast buds do the wave. But usually two days of leftovers, even great leftovers, is about my limit. I have never seen an official report on the subject, but I think that two days is about the normal lifespan of leftovers.

“The average lifespan of leftovers.” I think it would make a good tv game show question.

My favorite leftover? Beef stew.Cuban beef stew

Second favorite: Spanish polenta with pork. (tamal en casuela)Tamal en cazuela